What are some tips for choosing a name for your branding?

Sometimes when choosing the name of a brand, people choose a name that limits the activity of the brand too much. There are many brands that by not choosing their name well, have limited themselves a bit. Therefore, the name that you choose for your brand has got a huge significance. There are many reasons to take certain precautions that you should take into account, from the advice you should follow when choosing the name for a brand, so even mistakes that you should avoid. If you would like to know some tips for brand naming, then you have come to the right place!

Tip 1: Think of your brand message

Before you start to think and choose the name for a brand, it is important that you first clearly understand what you want to convey with it.

Many times people simply look for funny names, flashy or even that they seem “cool” but have little to do with what the brand should communicate.

So the first step is to think about what you want to communicate when choosing the name for a brand

Tip 2: Make your brand name sound unique

One crucial rule, when creating and choosing the name for a brand, is to take into account that it sounds different to other brands that are in the same category (or in another) seeking to avoid any confusion or even problems when registering the brand.

If you are going to create the name for a brand that sells a cola, it would not be very practical to call it Coke.

Tip 3: Brevity is better

It is highly recommended to choose the name for a brand that is short enough so that people can remember it. Putting a brand name that is composed of several words, is not something that is easily done by people.

In this sense, look for names that as much as possible have between 3 or 4 syllables as much.

Tip 4: Have a brand name that is easy to recall

When choosing the name for a brand, you should keep in mind that it is easy to pronounce and also easy to write. Not to mention trying to enter your website directly, you are likely to end up on another page or directly on a page that does not exist.

Finally, avoid marks that have many vowels or consonants together, they are usually complicated to write, pronounce and even remember.

Tip 5: Have a pleasant brand name

Another of the rules that you should follow when choosing the name for a brand, is that it sounds and pronounces pleasantly. The idea is that people enjoy saying it. Even the name for a brand may not be too short, but it still sounds good.

Tip 6: Have creativity in your name

If possible, try to innovate when choosing the name of a brand. Many times, people follow the trends of Naming that are fashionable, but like everything, those fashions go by and the name is stuck in time. This is very noticeable with traditional brands or that have been on the market for a long time.