Gone are the golden days when traditional marketing was solely depended on by businessmen. Digital marketing has fast taken roots complementing digital social media platforms in making marketing easier. With over 4 billion smartphone and computer users, it is time you took your business online to win more customers. Now SEO hacks may be very confusing for beginners, but with the guidance and training of trained professionals, any business is likely to improve their performance. However, below are a few hacks you could use today to improve your traffic and conversion rate online.


1. Do a website audit

Auditing refers to examining systematically events, results or even books of finance. In SEO, however, auditing refers to the examination of one’s website, its performance, objectives, and tactics. This will not only help you know what you are doing but also analyse and understand your performance. You can, for instance, comprehend why you may not be having enough traffic on your site to improve


2. Address consumer pain points

On your site, ensure that you seek to solve the consumer’s problem. This begins by delivering what they need and also giving them relevant information on issues relating to them. Remember content is always king, and that is the only way to hook an SEO user on your site.


3. Optimise your landing pages

The sole intention of using SEO hacks on your site is to improve performance besides improving sales. It is pointless to have no landing page that your website’s traffic can land as they seek to make a purchase. Create a landing page with your relevant contact information and payment details.


Why you need to hire an SEO agency


Small scale business owners have always shied away from taking their ventures online. This may be capital motivated but not anymore as anymore has been broken down and even made more affordable to businesses that seek it. Do not take chances today, hire expert SEO agents for better results today. Here are some justifications why Search Engine Optimisation would do your business a lot of good rather than bad.

1. Diverse skills

An SEO agency will give you experts that are well trained and experienced. Such brains on your team only mean more skills and premeditated solutions to future problems you may experience during your projects.

2. Augment your performance

Well trained professionals improve the chances of success of your projects. For your SEO Christchurch campaign to be where you intend it to reach, consider professionals who already have experience.


3. Improved maintenance and repair

Besides the regular SEO strategies at their fingertips, you can benefit from other bonus services like website maintenance and repair should any breakdown be experienced.

Two tips for hiring the right agency for the jobs


Just like most markets, fraudsters are everywhere. It takes a special kind of search to find who you are looking for. To avoid being convinced by people set to steal from you, here are a few precautions that you can abide by to benefit the most from the relationship.


What do you want?

The business sets its projects based on what they want to achieve. Find out what you want and hire professionals to help you achieve it. Your vision can only be understood if you can paint the picture clearly for the rest of the team to comprehend.


Assess their portfolio

Every company prepares the portfolios in case they are urgently needed by clients. Attractive portfolios have successful past projects to showcase and even client contacts in case you may need to get reassurance from another client.



SEO techniques to improve your traffic in 2020

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